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the internet is the best place to be if you are not online then you need to be , no one can doubt the changes that internet made to our lives, and since we live in a digital era, we in Desgate so much believe that digital marketing is becoming an essential part of the marketing mix. Businesses should take in to consideration digital marketing planning, right along with business planning.

Web Applications Development

With the acceleration of the challenges was the natural evolution in business there is a need for web applications

web solutions

Is your site giving the performance your business deserves? If it isn’t, it’s time to get serious, because in today’s world, better online performance means better online engagement and business. As egypt’s leading web developers we can help you set up highly functional website that work perfectly for you and your visitors.


  • Sell your products effectively – to people all over the world
  • Catalogue, shopping basket, payment and marketing
  • Point-and-click set up, with no technical stuff to worry about

Mobile Applications Development

If “they” can’t reach you, chances are ” they” will reach the one next to you, that’s what the school of thought in the world is heading towards nowadays. Obtaining a new customer is way easier than acquiring an old one. That’s why you shouldn’t give your customers the chance to leave you, this will be achieved by always being reachable. The best way to stay connected with your customers is through mobile application. Our team of developers are always up to the challenge of creating genuine experiences for mobile applications, as they have worked on most of the platforms and frameworks, from mobile websites to iPad, iPhone and Android apps to HTML5.

Outsourcing web app developing

We develop applications for a wide range of business needs, including Cloud Computing and Cloud Services as well as a complete range of mobile application.

Cisco Network

Build a Simpler Network to Optimize Your Application , With Cisco Systems guarantee you permanent operating efficiency

Cloud Web Hosting

is designed to keep downtime for your Applications , email and websites to an absolute minimum. It is targeted at businesses and consumers who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions.

security network

Pads protect your business against the penetration and subversion guarantee you a successful business environment we are security settings for servers , applications and network

.co.uk Domain Registrar

We don’t like to boast, but… We in London that mean we can start with your business there .co.uk

.ae Domain Registrar

.ae & dotEmarat are great namespace. Many great domain names awaiting for you. best offer at AED 145 per year

Domain Privacy

service that helps protect your accounts and your identity by requiring a unique security code,


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