Who Are We ?

Desgate inspires and delivers on new possibilities in digital identity.DesGate Founded in 12th of June 2001 in the UAE  , 2007 in egypt and uk  to  invest our expertise in the development of the technological infrastructure of the your business

Desgate story tells about a list of Our partners success stories We give you the freedom to tell your story, your way. About Our story Our services mean the entry point for individuals and organizations to define themselves. Our value-added services help them tell their stories online.

And our turnkey service platform is the easiest way for resellers, registries, registrars, and domain investors to build their businesses. More options mean more opportunity—for storytelling, for commerce, for innovation, for you.



– Sell your products effectively to people all over the world
– Catalogue, shopping basket, payment and marketing
– Point-and-click set up, with no technical stuff to worry about

web solutions

Is your site giving the performance your business deserves? If it isn’t, it’s time to get serious, because in today’s world, better online performance means better online engagement and business. As egypt’s leading web developers we can help you set up highly functional website that work perfectly for you and your visitors

Desgate High Quality Standards

At Desgate, providing the best quality of digital services and solutions to our clients is our No. 1 priority. As the premier Web Application Partner of the Middle East we firmly believe that in order to effectively guarantee quality, we must adhere to the highest degree of quality related processes, rules, and standards – a notion that forms the crux of Desgate’s QA philosophy.

To meet our credo, and offer complete client satisfaction at every conceivable level, we have:

Our partners and our agents